New Workbench

A simple 2×4 workbench, using some pre-made legs. My old workbench also used these plastic legs and they are simple to work with and give great results. This time I opted not to get the top layer of legs to make a hutch, but I might revisit that as the workbench fills up with crap and I don’t have anywhere to put anything.

This version was even easier since I had the experience building the first one already. But build the top frame and bottom frame, screw on the plywood, and once everything is complete, then screw it to the legs; this makes it very easy to assemble. The first time I did it, I tried to just screw 2x4s directly to the legs, and then once the entire frame was built up, I coaxed the plywood into place; much harder.

I also used a quasi whiteboard surface so maybe i’ll be able to write on it. One other trick I learned somewhere, is always make your top surface removable so when you end up destroying it over time, you can just take it off and replace it.

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