Making some Patches

I was noticing that my guitar bag was looking pretty boring; just black with the logo of the company on it, so I decided that i’d put a bunch of patches all over it to liven it up a bit. I could have went to Amazon, but since I’m still boycotting them for just selling literal garbage, I thought I could do better and just make my own.

Since I don’t have an automatic computerized embroidering machine, I went with the making patches from old t-shirts route. I went to goodwill and got a bunch of t-shirts; I was hoping I could find some band t-shirts, but either those go fast, or people don’t donate band t-shirts to goodwill, so I ended up with a bunch of random t-shirts and took my haul home to start processing.

I wanted to add some structure/strength to my patches, so I got some Fusible Interfacing to attach to the back of it. I would find the pattern I wanted in the T-shirt cut it out, put it on the interfacing, and then iron them together. I also wanted the edges to be stronger and not fray, so for that I got out the sewing machine and put an overcast stitch all around the border; make sure you don’t have the machine advancing too much, or you won’t have a very thick border.

Once everything was working, I started cutting up t-shirts and making patches. I was planning on sewing the patches onto the guitar bag, but the fabric is too thick and that was going to be a pain. So I got some fabric glue and started gluing them on:

It is still a work in progress, but as long as the glue holds, I’ll just keep cutting up t-shirts and pasting them on the bag.

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