My Brain This Week Mar 25th-31st

Denver Museum DaVinci Exhibit

This review could be kind of jaded since I made the mistake of going to the museum on the last day that the small children are on spring break (why do small children need spring break?) , so the entire museum was filled with thousands of screaming children (no exaggeration). Overall I was underwhelmed by the exhibit, and was even less impressed the amount of space and time spent on the mona lisa; it’s just a picture, get over it; stop looking for the “hidden secrets of the universe” in the picture.

The rest of the museum is the rest of the museum, and if you have seen it once, well, nothing has ever changed there; really wasn’t worth the $30, driving to Denver, and dealing with children.

Sorry to Bother You : Movie

Great weird movie; definitely worth watching; can’t say too much without giving away the weirdness. Just go watch it instead.

The Nature Of Code

Great resource for creative coding; I was playing around in the vector sections to brush up on my vector math again.

Come with Me : A boring book

One of these days I’ll read a book I like… maybe. This book was three or four partial stories that don’t seem to go anywhere, that maybe revolve around some poorly explained technology that some college kid invented in a night? This book also felt like a lot of character development without a story to go with it; some stream of conscious writing exercise, slightly cleaned up, and then put into a book. I should have listened to my inner voice and gave up on this half way through.

The one and two star reviews on sums up what kind of dumpster fire this book is.

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