My Brain This Week Mar4th-10th

Welcome To Night Vale Tour

Went to the Night Vale thing and the Boulder Theatre. The opening act/musical guest was Dreamboy. At one point of Dreamboy’s set, some girl crawled up on stage and just sat next to him and stared at him while he played. After he finished she walked off, and It seemed like she left the theatre, but then a few minutes later she was hiding off to the side of the stage looking shifty like she was going to jump up again, and then the theatre crew nabbed her and hauled her off to wherever they haul off the naughty people.

Less : Andrew Sean Greer

I finished LESS this week; not sure I’d really recommend it; Gay man turning 50 and having a crisis about it while at the same time being mopey about loosing his 30 year old boyfriend. It wasn’t horrible, but i’m not really sure why it won a Pulitzer either.

Infinite Future : Tim Wirkus

So I finished half of this book; It started off as a pretty interesting story, about an elusive book from an author that wrote works of fiction that had a deep meaning for the people that read them, so these three people go on a road trip to find this man and the book he had written. The story keeps building up, among weird off topic ramblings, until the end of the first section where they actually find the “author”, and this is also where the story completely dies. The second part of the book is the book they were searching for the entire story, but after the ending, there is no reason to read the book; it was written by three kids that were bored when there parents left them alone. The story also had weird sections of him dealing with the mormon religion that really didn’t fit in with the story and just felt like they were forced in. Reading the 1 and 2 star reviews on sum it up pretty well.

Fun Vim Plugins

The first plugin speeds up webdev; emmet-vim is a zen coding thing that allows:



You can get Even more info on zen coding/emmet here.

The next vim plugin allows for multiline cursors like in sublime text.

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