My Brain This Week Feb 25th-Mar 3rd

A Year Of Less

Picked this book up from the library, it’s a quick read with some good points, but also she also ends up repeating her self a lot about her problems with alcohol and her 3-4 month depression when her parents got a divorce (while she was like 30+) which I thought was kind of weird. The best takeaway from this book is to watch what triggers you to do things you regret later, and to be more mindful about your consumerism. If you don’t want to buy a book or go to the library, you can probably just get by reading her posts here.

Coding With Mosh

This week at work is hack week, so I’m learning React; Someone recommended this site for learning it, and so far it’s been a really good online class, not only does he teach react but all the new concepts in javascript you need to understand to full understand what react is doing.

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