My Brain This Week Feb 18th-24th

Photo Transfer Class

Took a photo-transfer class at the Longmont Museum; used matte acrylic medium to transfer laser printed images onto wood. This techniques works extremely well.

Pyramid Of Knowledge

Article on the Pyramid of knowledge

Charles Bukowski

Post Office: A Novel by [Bukowski, Charles]

People at work were talking about him , so I’m reading one of his books. So far this seems to be like watching the train wreck of someones life. The story is somewhat repetitive, but maybe that’s the point of the story; all the years he wasted just going to work and drinking. Then again, most of these heavy drinking/drug books are usually pretty boring, as that’s usually all the main (every?) character really does.


Article on consuming less; and another. An Article on getting rid of Amazon, MS, Apple, and Google. If you are unable to drop a service, what does that say about you, or the service? Can we really not live without Amazon shipping us stuff? And once we get into a position where we can’t get rid of a vendor because we rely on them that much (but all my books are on kindle I could never drop Amazon.) does that mean that vendor can really get away with anything they want; what are you going to do about it, cry and buy more stuff from them?

How to make a leather case for cards

Bookmarks Magazine

If you are looking for book recommendations and reviews, Bookmarks magazine is pretty good. Sure beats all the fake reviews on Amazon.

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