My Brain This Week Feb 11-17th

Mouse Book Club

Our Mouse editors carefully curate selections of literature, short stories, speeches, poetry, and more, all structured around themes that are topical, challenging, and varied.  We create a great literary playlist.

I signed up for this to see how it goes. They make little books that fit in your pocket so you can read wherever; “but but…” you clammer, “but your phone, use your phone, you must PHONE MORE, PHONE PHONE PHONE READ ON PHONE PHONE!” ya, my phone can go f*ck itself.

The Med in Boulder

I went to the Med in Boulder before improv this week. I got a few tapas to try and they were all good, and dessert was good, so all in all it was a successful meal; although the bread they serve could be a little less on the rock hard side.

Digital Minimalism

I finished reading Digital Minimalism. It was a quick read, but probably because I agree with him and found it interesting. I would definitely recommend this book and his other book, Deep Work, to anyone; especially if you have to work in an open office plan, or somewhere else useless and noisy. If I didn’t need to go on-call, I think I would find a way to downsize my phone to a dumb phone, and it isn’t just to get rid of the smart phone distraction, I just don’t trust Apple or Google anymore, and there there is Amazon; <rant> I’m getting really sick of searching for things on the internet, and then having Amazon magically recommend them to me; I’m getting kind of sick of his rapey internet:Hey good looking, I was looking through your window last night and saw you changing into your under ware, they look a little worn, so here are some recommendations for some new ones. Also as I was going through your stuff when you were out, I noticed you really like the color pink, so I moved those colors to the top for you.” </rant>

Fluffy Cloud Class

I took a fluffy cloud drawing class at the Longmont Museum. The downside is I was painting by instruction instead of painting from a reference, which would have probably rendered much better results.

Tar removing the top level directory

Make paste without style the default

The most annoying thing on both Windows and Macos is the default action for pasting is to paste with all the styling on the text, and for some reason both OS’s make it hard to disable this; I’m not sure I’ve ever actually used this feature, and it only frustrates when it happens; Here is how to turn that off by default.

Another Article on Digital Minimalism

An article on living life, and not being online all the time.

Cursive vs. Calligraphy

This post would have been very useful before I started practicing calligraphy. I think I’ve been trying to do calligraphy as if it were just a type of cursive writing, which has been holding me back some. This article clarifies some points which should make practicing Calligraphy easier going forward.

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