Why do people HATE people

Or why do we sell each other out for money? Or Why do you find what you have so uninteresting you have to lie to people about it:

Let us look at a news letter I got , with links to “interesting” articles:

Or, instead of useless click bait words that waste my time, the article could have been:

Continual Learning is the most important skill of the 21st-Century : The world is a rapidly changing place and people that can learn new things in the work place are more valuable than those who can; read on to figure out how to make yourself more valuable by being a life long learner.

And then, If I found that interesting, I could click on that and read more, but the author of the article and blurb assumed that what he was writing was all worthless fluff, and the only way to get people to read it is to make it click bait.

Now, on to the next worthless blob of text:

Or, instead of clickbait we could have:

Frugality, discipline, hard work, and Time Management are four core habits you can use to build Wealth faster. Read on to find out how to strengthen these skills in your life to build up your wealth faster.

Again, the author here thinks that her article is complete trash, and the only way to get people to look at her drivel is to trick them into it with click bait.

And the next article?

And if we fix the title we get:

Visualizing your problems, disconnecting, creating positive feedback loops, starting strong, and giving yourself a deadline are tips for cultivating mental stamina….

After writing this post, I realize I probably only have myself to blame for most of this since I am the one subscribed (I have unsubscribed) to this crap content in hopes of finding that nugget of wisdom in the pile of manure. I’ve heard that to improve what you read, read older books, and don’t read what everyone else is reading, because then you’ll just have the same thoughts as them, but also, everyone is writing the same thing, and if you wait, you can read the best of what everyone is saying in the one book that makes it out of that time period; time is a great filter of crap.

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