My Brain This Week Jan 28th-Feb 3rd

Vision Quest Brewery

Small brewery in Boulder. I should check out their open mic nights. I had the Jalapeno Vanilla Blonde, which tasted more of Jalapeno than vanilla. When getting the name for the beer I was drinking, I noticed they were using a service called; it seems to also run the menu in their brewery also. This is a pretty good idea, since it seems restaurants and such have a really hard with the ability it update their website, but if you give people a specialized app that can be used to update their website (without needing to give them training or logins..etc) they could make the website be a tad more up to date (if the restaurant even cares, which I doubt most do?) You could have the hostess type the nightly specials into an ipad every night, and have it update the website. Anyways, just thought it was an interesting Idea.

Leather Pencil Case

I finished the leather pencil case pattern I got here. Searching around for how to design patterns, and wasn’t finding a whole lot, but I did find this.

Flower Child

Ate at Flower Child in Boulder the first time this week. At first I didn’t have high hopes for this place, and thought it was going to be another Modern Market type of place that claims to be healthy, but just ends up serving a lot of food that tastes like cardboard. I was pleasantly surprised to find the food here was actually tasty and maybe even a little healthy; I got the brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and Indian cauliflower.

Thank God It’s Monday?

I didn’t realize people were this stupid, but I guess some people think giving up their lives so other people can get rich is a thing.

Images In your Head

Article on using your imagination.

Sensor Deprivation Chamber

On Friday I went to Isolate in Boulder for a 90 minute session in an sensor deprivation pod.

after floating in nothing for one and a half hours you get out feeling really really really relaxed. The real trick (for me) was trying to figure out what to do with your head while floating; towards the end I figured out you just need to let your head fall back all the way.

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