Album Writing Month

February is album writing month, which means I’m going to try to write 14 songs in 28 days; how hard could that be right? The FAWM community seems pretty supportive which makes it even easier.

What you see here is pass number 1; when you are making a song every other day there isn’t a lot of time to make them “shine” My plan is to finish up February, and then come back and fix these songs to make them sound good (add a melody, drums, clean vocals that follow the melody). Hopefully I can use everything I learned from the first go through to help me get through the second run through of all of this. Currently what you are seeing is scratch paper with some thought out ideas; but hey, you got to start somewhere.

11: Puppet Theatre

10: Ten Song

9: Feather Song


7: Song In G

6: Lizard People Under DIA

5: On Call Blues

4: Short Song

3: Trolls Just Want Their LOLS

2 : Dexter the Cereal Spiller

1 : Ninja Pandas with Lasers

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