My Brain This Week Jan 21-27th

Calligraphy Drills

Got 2 calligraphy drills from the Post Man Knocks website, these are kind of fun to do when i’m not really motivated to do much else. I got the Under The Sea, and Garden drills.

Configuring VIM

Trying to get back into the VIM swing of things

How to Choose What to Read

An article from David Perell on how to choose what book to read next. Hint, try not to read what everyone else is, unless of course you want to think like everyone else. If you want to be original, read stuff that other people aren’t reading.

Dinner at Oak

This week I had dinner at Oak, and the food was amazing. This is probably the best beef short rib i’ve ever had, and the pineapple cake was pretty good also.

I asked the chef how they prepared the rib, and he said that they braise it for about 3 hours, and then store that until a customer orders it, then they throw it on their oak grill to finish the cooking; I’m pretty sure he left off the part where they sprinkle it with magic tenderizer that makes it cut like butter.

Last week when I had my disappointing experience with Brasserie Ten Ten, I said you could judge a restaurant by the butter they serve with the bread. The butter at oak came out perfectly spreadable, and the top of the butter was sprinkled with a course salt. But after Oak, Brasserie Ten Ten is mostly just a fancy Apple Bees.

Below are my attempts at recreating this dinner at home. On the dessert, I opted to bake the cherries into the cake, and instead of little pieces of pineapple sprinkled over the cake, I just put a big slab of grilled pineapple at the base, although if I did it again, I might just cut up small bits on pineapple and cook it on the bottom of the bundt cake (easier to eat).

The shortrib wasn’t quite as good as Oak’s, but still edible, and I did manage to make the cauliflower gremolata. (chopped cauliflower, chopped walnuts, Italian parsley, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and pepper)

Don’t Live the Life of Least Resistance

An article on why you should care about how you dress, and the image you project out to other people (and inject inwardly to your self; even if you don’t realize it.)

Will Power Instinct

Currently listening to this in the car; So far so good. One of the suggestions to get your impulse control under control is to slow your breathing, here is an online app to help you do that.

Ansel Adams at the Longmont Museum

I really haven’t looked into Ansel Adams much, but went to the museum to check out the exhibit. My favorite works were the surreal ones that look like they should be the background for old time movie sets, or maybe the old movie sets just used his pictures so I ended up associating those images that way. Either way, a good way to spend 10-20 minutes on a Sunday afternoon.

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