My Brain This Week Jan 14-19th

Austin Kleon on Minimalism

Austin Kleon wrote a piece on creatives and minimalism. This should have been written long ago. The problem with people that write about minimalism, is that they are writers, and all they need is a computer to be creative; really creative people need more than just a computer.

Brainscape : Flash Cards

I’ve started using Brainscape again. This time to help me learn the fretboard better. The input and creation of those cards is pretty tedious so I think I’ll just end up writing a web-app to do the quizzing of the different fretboard positions, but until then, I can use brainscape on my phone when I have downtime.

Github Actions

Have GitHub run a container to do some work when you do something on GitHub, for example after you commit your code, github can kick off a container that will then take that code, package it up, and push it to an npm repo.

more on that here and here.

Mini EDC Pen

This is a mini EDC pen that is only 3.3 inches long. Great for carrying around in your pocket (until it falls out and is gone forever.) At least it’s pretty cheap ($5)

Sur La Table Cooking Class

Took the Italian Restaurant Favorites class last night at Sur La Table; only 2 students including me so it was almost like a private class; although Sur La Table loses a bunch of points since they never serve wine with the meal at the end of class. And They never really hide the fact that the main reason they host these classes is to get you into the store to buy stuff; “hey it’s break time, go out into the store and buy stuff“.

But I haven’t had a grilled salad in a while, and that was nice.

Breckenridge Spice Merchants

Someone at work left a bag of tea from Breckenridge Spice Merchants out on the counter. Checking out their site I found they have a bunch of recipes and spice mixtures that i’ll be checking out.

Boulder Improve Group

Last night I went to my first of 9 improve classes at the BIC. It was fun and I met a bunch of people that didn’t talk about their jobs, which is when you think about it is a novel experience these days.

Dinner at Brasserie Ten Ten

Before class, I went to Brasserie Ten Ten for dinner. Dinner started off weird, as I walked in and asked for a seat, the server was pretty curt, asked me if I wanted a high table, and then just handed me the menus and pointed to where to go; -10 points. The restaurant itself is extremely dark and very loud (at least the place they put me.) to the point where it was hard to even see the food; -10 points. The food was ok, the Ahi was cooked correctly, but under seasoned. I’m not sure if they brought me bread, or a puzzle before the meal, as it was quite a fun game trying to rip the bread apart. An easy way to tell how good a restaurant is, is by the butter that comes with the bread. I’m pretty certain you could give an accurate review of a restaurant completely based on the butter they server with the bread. If the butter comes out rock solid, or completely melted you are dealing with a one to two star restaurant. If it’s hard but spreadable, you are moving into a three star restaurant. If the better is perfectly spreadable then you are in the four to five star restaurant. The butter at Brasserie Ten Ten was hard, but spreadable, which pretty sums up my meal here; two and a half stars out of five, and I’m still waiting for that coffee that I ordered that never showed up to the table…

Z3 Solver

Microsofts Z3 solver. Here is an interactive tutorial to get started, and another more directed to python. For what I needed to do, this tutorial on optimization was what I needed.

Typism Book

A book of submitted type.

Shapely Library

Python module for manipulating geometry. I was using this to find overlapping rectangles.

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