My Brain This Week Jan 7-13th

Teeccino, tea that tastes like coffee

I was skeptical when I bought this stuff, since usually stuff that tastes like stuff never really turns out correctly, but this tea really does taste like coffee. Teeccino uses Ramón seeds to achieve this magical effect.

Austin Kleon wrote a piece on creatives and minimalism. This should have been written long ago. The problem with people that write about minimalism, is that they are writers, and all they need is a computer to be creative; really creative people need more than just a computer.

TPK learn calligraphy

The Postman Knocks(tpk) is a website that has a lot of free and pay materials for learning calligraphy. She also has a newsletter that has a lot of projects you can do to help you learn calligraphy.

I’ve been using some of her practice sheets to work on my calligraphy skills.

Japanese wallpapers

lots of free wallpapers from

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