Copy.Local : quick file transfers

Don’t you just hate it when you get to some shared space, and you need to copy some files over to a computer, but you don’t have the correct interconnecting dongles (thanks apple…)  or the process of transferring files back and forth over a usb drive is getting tedious?  That’s why I wrote copy.local.

Copy.local is a simple self contained binary, that when run, configures the hostname copy.local (via mdns) to respond to requests on port 80.  If you point a browser on the same network to http://copy.local, you’ll get a simple website that allows you to drop files into a box, and have them transferred over to the machine running copy.local.

copy.local screen shot

Copy.local is written in GO, and if you want to see the source it’s all on Github.


  • To run on mac you need to use sudo (so mdns broadcast works) : sudo ./copylocal
  • to run on windows, you need this?  (at least to get mdns working)
  • to run on linux ??

If the mdns fails, you can still just connect to the IP that is shown when the program starts up.


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