This week , in the theme of inktober, i’m exploring digital hatching.

Day 1

Today I wrote a program in processing to take a grey scale image, and convert it to a hatched pattern.  I did this by looking at how dark a pixel was at a location, and then replacing that pixel with a hatched pattern based on how dark the pixel was. (zoom into the image to see the hatching better)


Day 2

I decided to to take the image, and print it out really big and put it on the wall.  I used Posterazor to cut up the image into a pdf, printed it all out, cut, taped, and then had a giant poster on my wall.


Day 3

I added more code to the program to convert the output to svg, so I can cut it out on the laser cutter.  I also switched to another picture that was both square and had less background detail in it.  There were also some bugs that needed to be cleaned up the most glaring was I was inverting the color (dark was light).  It became more apparent once I had an all white flower on a black background.


Day 4:

Initial attempt at cutting on the laser cutter didn’t go so well, I think the file size was just too big for the program to handle, so I ended up reducing the size of the input from 400 pixels to 200 pixels and am trying again.

Day 5:

Laser cutting success!


Day 6:

Next up, adding a frame.

All the code and svg files can be found on github.

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