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Laser cut pencil holder

May 22, 2019

I have pencils, pens, and markers all over the place; and the best tool is a tool within your reach, so this week I’m going to build something to hold some marking devices.

Day 1:


Some initial sketches of what I’m thinking; a rounded front, and holes on top to hold pencils. Day 2:

Make an initial design in Illustrator, and cut it out in paper to see how everything lines up. Investigated living hinges, and created a simple pattern across the front.

Day 3:

Cut out on the Laser in plywood, put together.

pencil_holder pencil_holder pencil_holder pencil_holder

Day 4:

Fix the design based on my last proto-type, and try again. Also now I have the physical proto-type in my hand, I came up with another idea; instead of using a living hinge on the front, just use a piece of leather attached to wood on the top and bottom.

One of the problem I found with the initial design was lack of support on the bottom, so the pens would just slide all over, in the next iteration, i’ll have another set of holes at the bottom, so the pens have something to sit in. DAY 5:

It seems like the living hinge is a little weak at the very top and bottom; this could be because i’m burning the wood too much there, but i’ve increased the width a tad to see if that also helps it. I’m also going to turn the power down on this one so I don’t burn the wood so much (65/65?)

I’ve also moved away from using a doll rod to support the inside, and instead I’m going to use a notched leg to hold things together:

holder_notch pencil_holder pencil_holder pencil_holder pencil_holder pencil_holder

This version turned out well, although the notches were a tad too big so they are kind of lose; once it’s all glued together it’s fine, but if you wanted it to go together without glue, the size of the notches will need to be adjusted down, or i’ll need to figure out if the laser has an option to cut on the “inside” instead of the “outside” of a line.

Another things would be to look at finishing options, this version I just sanded down all the burn marks, but I could use some wood finish on it, or spray paint it a solid color, or maybe 2 or 3 different colors (top/bottom/hinge).