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Monthly's 10-100 painting class

June 28, 2020

I took the painting class from learnmonthly.com hosted by some artist called 10-100. 90% of the cost of class goes to having a deadline to have to finish a painting. The feedback is mostly non-existent (your peers are supposed to give you feedback, but if they do get around to it, it ends up just being “looks great, can’t wait to see the finished painting”); even the feedback from the “star artist” is mostly just “that’s awesome, keep it up”; which the cynic in me wonders if he is posting, or if they have an automated script, or intern that just goes through all the message boards adding stuff to make it look like he is.

Most of the content from him is probably already on his youtube site, so it’s not like you are getting exclusive content either. So if you want to pay $200 for a deadline that’ll hopefully motivate you to finish a painting, that’s about all you’ll get from this site.

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