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Copy Local

May 10, 2018

Don’t you just hate it when you get to some shared space, and you need to copy some files over to a computer, but you don’t have the correct interconnecting dongles (thanks apple…) or the process of transferring files back and forth over a usb drive is getting tedious? That’s why I wrote copy.local.

Copy.local is a simple self contained binary, that when run, configures the hostname copy.local (via mdns) to respond to requests on port 80. If you point a browser on the same network to http://copy.local, you’ll get a simple website that allows you to drop files into a box, and have them transferred over to the machine running copy.local.


If the mdns fails, you can still just connect to the IP that is shown when the program starts up.

Copy.local is written in GO, and if you want to see the source it’s all on Github.