How to Be Lucky


When an unexpected event happens, instead of brushing it off, ignoring it, or saying how unlucky you are that that thing happened to you, you need to embrace the event and use it to your advantage.

Inspired by this post by Christian Busch which was then made into this book. (don’t recomend, just read the article)

My takeaway from the book/article is that you need to take everything that happens to you during the day, and try to turn it into a positive event that can move you forward. Don’t label things that happen to you as good or bad, just try to figure out how to use it to your best advantage or just a learning opportunity. Be in the moment and extract as much as you can.

Also, the more you know (Chance favors the prepared mind), the better you can react to things happening around you, but you still need to have awareness of the things happening around you. Instead of being heads down in your phone all the time, you need to look around and see what is around you, and interact with it. If you don’t interact at with the world, then you’ll never have the serendipitous moments.