Blog Posts

2022, Jul 31 Monitor Stand, twist-ties and 3d printing
2022, Jul 15 Programming Meatballs, no sauce required
2022, Jun 28 Hacker News Next, a firefox extension
2022, May 28 Contact Me, Some Programming Required
2022, May 20 PyTimeClock, todo.txt pomodoro to track where your time goes.
2022, Apr 29 JCI, jump to the correct ci
2022, Apr 23 TIL, Today I Learned
2022, Apr 17 Minimal Molecule Testing, how much code do you really need?
2022, Mar 25 Bulk Leave, A tool for leaving groups in bulk.
2022, Mar 19 Web Acknowledge, Acknowledge those little tugs on your brain.
2022, Mar 01 Streak Tracker, track how long you can do or not do someting.
2022, Feb 28 Python Halftones, Create halftone patterns using python.
2021, Apr 22 Ableton Key Picker Tool, make theory easier
2021, Feb 28 Pattern DSL, A simple languge to create complex patterns.
2021, Feb 27 Templated Project Maker, Quickly Start projects using templates.
2021, Feb 27 Slow Chat, The slowest IM you'll ever use.
2021, Feb 27 Meditation Timer, Ding start; calm; calm; calm; Ding End.
2021, Feb 27 Haiku Writer, making writing haikus easier.
2020, Dec 01 AOC 2020, the joy of programming