May 2023

this is interesting not for what it is, but he had an idea, and then wrote a simulation to test out if the idea would work.

3d scanning

3D scanning of objects so you can come back in cad and build around them / attach stuff to them.

The concepts that you can program what you pay attention to by using spaced repetition. Instead of scrolling on the internet when you have a few seconds, you pull up Anki and have it quiz you on things you actually want rolling around in your brain. It also forces you to break down the information you consume into chunks you understand.

The goal isn't to just memoize facts, but to understand the things you are doing and capture that understanding. The final goal is to have a bunch of cards you study that direct the way you think.

How to Master an Instrument

Badge life

rhythm training

making game music by watching the game

cars make noise... lots and lots of noise