March 2023

Why Write?

writing is a way to think, and work out ideas. When you have a computer do this, you lose all of that. this article is along the same lines; you can have a statistical model do the work for you, but you lose out on all the things you could have learned. It's your choice to be stupid.

We are always controlling ourselves from the top down (because we live in society). Some say that our lower/subconscious brain resents this, creating repressed anger/rage. Maybe this is why making art feels so therapeutic? It is a realm where we can act with total freedom --

cheap notebooks - leather cover for cheap composition books use a cheap notebook with a nice cover. - muji notebook system pages can be inserted or removed.

BF on an Arduino

Approximating PI with Monte Carlo

how to make your own holograms

Daily Law: Approach every task, even the most menial, the same: as an opportunity to observe and amass information about your environment. -- The Daily Laws by Robert Greene

By reading this tweet, you are choosing not to read something else. Everything we do is like this. Doing one thing requires giving up another. Whenever you explicitly choose to do one thing, you implicitly choose not to do another thing. -- 50 Ideas That Changed My Life - David Perell

when you read drama online, not only did you corrupt you mind with this useless information that will circle around your brain taking away from creative thought, the time you took to read that drama online was also wasted and could have been used for something better. This isn't about productivity or getting more done, it's more like you could spend 10 minutes reading the daily news/gossip and be in a state of anger for the rest of the day, or you could spend 10min going for a walk in nature and feel calm.

How to use LLMs instead of being afraid of new things.

Build a computer using dominos

wave function collapse function

python modules to do this

Modular Isometric Pixel art

Think about it before you search for the answer

I've also found (before gpt) that sometimes just creating a quick experiement will answer you question not only faster, but with more fidelity in the answer.