February 2023

Things I found Interesting this month:

You can be dumb, it's your choice

But anyone who writes for a living knows that in many ways writing is thinking. The process of translating vague ideas into a coherent text helps structure ideas and make connections

Letting an AI system do this work for you means giving up all of that.

Unfortunately trying to explain to a college kids that they are paying money to gain knowledge is a hard sell (they are just there to get out and get a job). The only person that is cheated when you use AI to do your homework is yourself; you've paid $Xk dollars to take a class, and have gotten nothing out of it. Although once you start getting to harder and harder classes that expect you to have the background you should have learned in the previous classes it might become clear that hitting the "next" button on your previous classes was probably a bad idea.

TLDR: When you use AI, you are only cheating yourself. It's like telling all your friends you are exercising every day, while in reality you are just sitting on the couch binge watching shows; everyone knows the truth, and those fake status updates don't make you any more in shape.

Geometric magic squares

Ansi Art

On replacing online crap content

Find a few interesting people every day and add them to one or another of a smallish set of lists. Then read by way of the lists instead of -- or in addition to -- your timeline -- @judell@mastodon.socia

I misread this as finding interesting people that have written books, and then reading through a few pages of each book every day. Reading books has the added benefit of filtering out drama, news, and stuff that just won't matter in a day or so (I guess it also depends on what kind of books you read.)

Readwise.io kind of does this, by giving you a feed of things you highlighted (thus found interesting) in the past.

So have a pile of books you find interesting, and then instead of scrolling online, just read a page of each book, and repeat till you have an idea to dig into. If you aren't getting any ideas from reading the books, maybe you should find new books to read. ( why are you reading these books if they don't spark any ideas in you? )

"Hey that quote is from social media! why do you still scroll!!" Because creative coders refuse to use RSS, and the only way to see what they are up to is one of these dumb social networks. (come on people, just setup a website with rss)

RSS is back

I've added RSS back to my site via a few lines of bash I got here : atom feed

Online Design Classes

Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design

Da Filthy

Da Filthy

For something truly cool and gnarly. Like when a party gets out of control and stuff gets broken