100 Days of guitar, day 1

Day 1

Starting on a 100 day learning the guitar challenge.

Starting off I'm going to use these two resources. I'm thinking that as I'm practicing from one, I can be moving forward on the other and vice-versa.

The final goal is to learn how to solo, and all the music theory behind that.

Today's lesson on Roy's music, was soloing in the Gm pentatonic/hexatonic scale. The hexatonic minor scale just takes a minor scale and removes the sixth note, to make a major hexatonic scale, you take a major scale and remove the seventh note.

He was also saying to make a better sounding solo, try to work the root note of the chord into the notes you are playing in your solo. Once I get better playing lick 2, I'll need to record an F-G chord progression on my loop pedal to practice over.

Practice: Gm scale, and Riff 2

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