Hacker News Next, a firefox extension

What is it

A Firefox extension that pulls the next newest link from hacker news that you haven't read yet. It kind of works like the old stumbleupon website, just click and have some website popup that might be interesting;
I just happen to be pulling all my data from the hacker news api.

How to use it

F8 - go to the next newest unread link on hacker news. F9 - go to the comments for the page you are on.

It's pretty easy.


You may notice the ability to rank how interesting the website is, why is that? I'm working on a way to rank how interesting a website is, with the hope that eventually I can filter out web-spam and only see things I actually find interesting. I've been experimenting with Bayesian filters (spam filtering for email) to do this, and I'm also looking into NLP to see if there are tools there to categorize pages. I'm also wondering if the problem is even easier, and If I can just looking at metadata from the page like: how many advertisements, affiliate links, page size...etc and based on that, rank the page as interesting or uninteresting.

This is a work in progress, but this is my v1 to start collecting data to work with.

How do you know if a page is interesting

At first I was ranking pages by gut feel, and only ranking them as either 0 no, or 1 yes. But then I realized this wasn't probably the best solution (and I found myself racing through and judging sites super quick) , so now I'm using the rabbit hole system.

The rabbit hole system, counts how many rabbit holes the page sends you down, so if I go to a site and see something I find interesting and follow it, that's a rabbit hole; if I do that a few times on a site, it gets a higher score, if I don't do that at all it gets a 0. If you run this experiment yourself, you'll probably find that most sites you go to are a big fat 0 (thus this is the default value for all sites you visit). The real question is, why are you going to all of these websites if you get 0 out of them; they spark no ideas; just a complete waste of your time.

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