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100days of guitar day 69

put the Super Slinky strings on the PRS SE this morning, even managed to get them all on this time without breaking any :) used this guide for how to put them on.

Some notes from The Perpetual Beginner: a musician's path to lifelong learning --Dave Isaacs

When push came to shove, for me it wasn’t as satisfying to execute a perfect rasgueado as it was to create.

I did ultimately decide that to be satisfied as a musician and artist, I wanted to create my own standard rather than be measured against someone else’s.

Ultimately, the best way to become a creatively fulfilled musician is to learn from the past, but create your own future.

Despite all my training as a classical musician playing notes off a page, some of my most formative musical experiences had to do with making it up as I went along.

Some people need to be judged. They have grown up going to schools that have told them you do a thing, and then we have an answer key to test if what you did is correct, and I think they keep that mindset when they go off to do something more creative. They can't just play a song, they need to know if what they are playing is "correct", and not only if it is correct, but "how correct" is it? So they practice and practice against a known song, and their only goal is to sound exactly like how someone else did it. You can also see this with artists who's art needs to look exactly like reality, because that's how they judge themselves.

The problem with this mindset, is that they are no better than a recording or photograph, and they aren't making anything; just spending their lives being a human record player.

While you do need to copy works you admire, and work from reference to make your drawings look "right", that's just a starting point, a scaffold to then change and add new things to. You need to learn the lessons and then use those lessons to do your own thing, not just play some dead guys songs over and over.

This is ultimately a jazz dynamic: the musicians follow a map, but not a detailed one, in which there are multiple paths through the same territory and all landmarks are subject to change or reinvention.

songs as outlines for improvisation alongside fully composed parts

You look at past works, and use those to guide you to make your own creations. Once you learn how to play what you are practicing, rip it apart and make your own creations with the lessons you have learned along the way.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 takes data from my obsidian journal, renders it up really nice, and then send it to the cloud. This is nice, because really I don't have to do anything besides just type in Obsidian for the day, and then magically things happen.

I also have some Alfred action and shell functions to make things even easier. To go to todays entry, i just hit f2. If the entry doesn't exist Alfred sets up the directory for me with a default template in it. I also have shell functions that allow me to: jcd jump to the current journals directory, or jod open the current journals directory in finder, and je edit the current journal entry in vim.

Now that the initial build is complete, now I just need to clean some stuff up:

There are a lot of static site generators out there; I've tried them all and they always seem overly complicated, and I end up running into walls of not doing what I want because the framework gets in the way. I've found the best static site generator is just pure python. I think the next killer static site generator won't be a program you can run, but just a python module that allows you to quickly build out static sites.

magictools : tools that take simple data, and do smart things with it. Adding metadata to your simple text can trigger functionality in the output, for example adding a star tag to a post will cause it to render as a stared post in the Days section on the index; I don't have to do anything else, click anything, go find an option, I just add a text tag of star and it shows up.

I think sometime people forget that tools should work for you, not make you work for them. A few weeks ago I canceled my muse subscription because they couldn't figure that out. They upgraded their app so you had to click and scroll through multiple screens just to start a meditation, and the same to just stop it. (they are trying to sell more stuff and are forcing you through their stuff).

I need more #magictools in my life.

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