.-----.   .----.   .-----.  .-----.         .---.  .----.           .---..--------. 
/ ,-.   \ /  ..  \ / ,-.   \/ ,-.   \  .-') /_   | /  ..  \    .-') /_   ||   __   ' 
'-'  |  |.  /  \  .'-'  |  |'-'  |  |_(  OO) |   |.  /  \  . _(  OO) |   |`--' .  /  
   .'  / |  |  '  |   .'  /    .'  /(,------.|   ||  |  '  |(,------.|   |    /  /   
 .'  /__ '  \  /  ' .'  /__  .'  /__ '------'|   |'  \  /  ' '------'|   |   .  /    
|       | \  `'  / |       ||       |        |   | \  `'  /          |   |  /  /     
`-------'  `---''  `-------'`-------'        `---'  `---''           `---' `--'      


Sonic pi sample drum machine #toy #idea - give a sample - have it play every X beats - touchOsc - left and right buttons choose 1/2 of the sample - choose to lock in the left/right choice and pick again. - undo undo the last choice.

Design Patterns

Programming Design Patterns

what other kind of patterns should I be on the lookout for? like the book a pattern language

any process that you do more than once should be a #design_pattern. If you are re-figuring out the simple stuff over and over, you are wasting time you could be using to figure out the actual problem.


This simplifies the design work because designers can start the process from any part of the problem they understand and work toward the unknown parts.

Design pattern of using a certain type of microprocessor in your designs, and certain parts, frees you up from having to re-learn how to use different stuff and lets you focus on the actual problem you are working on.

Simple example of a pattern

    Name: ChocolateChipRatio
    Context: You are baking chocolate chip cookies in small batches for family and friends
    Consider these patterns first: SugarRatio, FlourRatio, EggRatio
    Problem: Determine the optimum ratio of chocolate chips to cookie dough
    Solution: Observe that most people consider chocolate to be the best part of the chocolate chip cookie. Also observe that too much chocolate may prevent the cookie from holding together, decreasing its appeal. Since you are cooking in small batches, cost is not a consideration. Therefore, use the maximum amount of chocolate chips that results in a really sturdy cookie.
    Consider next: NutRatio or CookingTime or FreezingMethod

what you wear as a design pattern?

100days of guitar day 37

Playing with a Drone

not sure if I was doing it "right", but I was playing around with playing around with a drone sound and a simple beat:


use_bpm 120

live_loop :drums do
  drums = [:drum_bass_hard, :sn_dub ,:rest ,:elec_snare ]
  drums.each do |n|
    sample n
    sleep 1

live_loop :drone do
  synth :chiplead
  loop do
    play :C4 , sustain: 100
    sleep 100

Playing a C drone note, and then playing different C,E, and G notes along the neck. I think I need a better done sound, and maybe do a little more research on playing along with a drone sound.

After Practice Cool-down

Based on some the advice from the learning how to practice book, I queued up the "Power Ballads Forever" playlist to listen to after I have finished practicing. (I couldn't find a Guitar Solos Playlist; still looking; maybe just some Joe Satriani or something similar)

Sound Slice

Also from the book, I started looking into using https://www.soundslice.com . So far it looks like a really powerful tool to learn a song from a youtube video. The song has the notes/chords/tabs annotated at the bottom, you can speed up or slow down the video, or even loop over a section of it.

Daily Practice

I've moved on to licks 5-8 now for the some stretch of learning this song. A little longer and I should be able to start playing the entire thing against the backing tracks.

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