AOC 2020, the joy of programming


Where does all my free time in December go after I finish making and delivering holidy cards? It goes to the horrible coding challenge AOC. AOC is a devious little site, that draws you in with the promise of easy and fun programming challenges throughout the month of December, but once they know you are hooked and won't stop because your completionist brain NEEDS to finish it, that's when they flip the switch and start giving you problems you can no longer brute force, but have to stop and actually think about what your code is doing; monsters!

This doesn't stop me from trying to brute force every problem I see, and letting it run over night hoping that when I come back the next day, the solution will be sitting there waiting for me, but alas, this never works and I have to figure out what the problem is really doing and figure out the "correct" way to solve the problem.

This year I am using Jupter notebooks as the coding platform of choice, because a) you can mix code and documentation, b) you can embed visualizations, and c) you can test snippets of code easier.

All of my completed days can be found on Github.

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